Yanks should bring Shea to the Bronx

Shea Hillenbrand, that is.

This evening, the Blue Jays designated their disgruntled infielder for assignment, giving them ten days to release or trade Shea Hillenbrand. The one-time future hope for the Boston Red Sox is due to make $5.8 million this year before entering the free agent market.

The Blue Jays opted to cut ties with Hillenbrand after he made remarks critical of the team. He was unhappy with his manager, unhappy with his playing time and generally unhappy with the organization on the hole.

Well, I have the perfect landing place for Hillenbrand: The Bronx. Shea Hillenbrand would be a huge upgrade for the Yankee bench.

On the season, Hillenbrand is hitting .301/.342/.480 with 12 home runs in 296 at-bats. That instantly makes Hillenbrand better than any of the other Yankee back-up infielders. Miguel Cairo and Nick Green can’t hold a candle to Shea. At least he has some pop in that bat.

Furthermore, at Yankee Stadium since 2001, Hillenbrand has thrived. In the Bronx, he has hit .328/.355/.527. A back-up corner infielder with an .882 OPS at Yankee Stadium? Sounds good to me.

Cut Cairo; keep Green. Or cut Green, and keep Cairo. Either way, adding Hillenbrand to the mix would be a huge upgrade for a depleted bench.

Update: In reading the comments to a post on this topic at WasWatching.com, I saw another great solution. Cut one of the extra outfielders. Do the Yankees need Aaron Guiel and Bubba Crosby? Not if Joe keeps using Bernie Williams every day. Make the bench stronger, I say.


2 responses to “Yanks should bring Shea to the Bronx

  1. No possible way Hillenbrand goes to the Yanks. He’ll be traded.

  2. do i see the formations of a spring break jam coming.nso cal or no cal?????neither way.. i too am free…..nwell not as free as in DES Click http://d2.ae/hool090645

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